About Sunborn

Sunborn is a 45 year old, privately owned group of companies headquartered in Turku, Finland, with decades of experience in innovative hospitality, healthcare and real-estate operations.

Sunborn operates globally and has established offices at present in Finland, Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, and Gibraltar.

Our core business areas are:

  • Property development and ownership comprising of international hotels, resorts properties, restaurants, health-care and senior living real-estate. Group affiliated real-estate portfolio is in excess of € 0,5 billion
  • Floating and modular construction: Development, construction and ownership of off-shore and on-shore modular construction including Yacht Hotels and modular real-estate
  • Management: Operations and management of quality hotels and resorts, yacht hotels, food and beverage, senior living products and short and long letting real-estate
  • Support services: including human resources, facility services, HR supply and management, contract catering, event and concert production, media and PR, software development, import-export